Coming off a lengthy prison sentence, Mike White (Legal name but known to law enforcement by many aliases) has come home to a world that has drastically changed by modern technology and social etiquette. Nothing seems the same as it was 20 years ago when he was locked up. Nevertheless, now he just wants to put that all behind him and live a normal life as a legitimate businessman, running a gentleman’s club while taking care of his family. But the streets of Miami are relentless, and the lure of fast money from his old rackets are almost impossible to resist for a man like Mike White. Prison only enabled him to strengthen his resources and contacts in the underworld. True to his inherent nature, while locked away he rose to the highest ranks of the prison hierarchy, eventually becoming a leader of the most powerful prison gang in the prison system.

Now, with numerous law enforcement agencies committed to sending him back to prison, and host of enemies to deal with, both old and new, Mike White will once again uses his brilliant mind to navigate his way through the Machiavellian underworld of southern Florida. Mob ties, gang affiliations, and family strife be damned. This Boss will choose his own destiny, on his own terms.

So let the bodies hit the floor… Welcome To Mobking!