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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
(+44) 871.075.0336
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Ciro Dapagio

“Mike White”

Anthony Caliendo


James Russo

“Dominick Sasso The Don”

Antoni Corone

“Agent Bilotti”

Robert LaSardo


Elisabetta Fantone

“Mia White”

Celine Alva

“Carina White”

Artie Pasquale


Michael Villar


Bruce Soscia

“Carlo Sasso”

Stelio Savante

“Big Bill”

Oksana Lada

“Dana The Doctor”

Paul Borghese

“The 80s Don Giuseppe”

Katalina Viteri

“Detective VanSant”

Hawk Meisenbach

“Young Mike White”

James Alex Gailey (RIP)

“Doug the Dope Boy”

My vision for MOBKING has come to life in ways that I could never imagine. Thanks to the director, writers, producers, cast and crew for helping me execute the vision and create the MOBKING universe.

Ciro Dapagio - Creator, Writer, Executive Producer

We think that MOBKING has all of the ingredients to be one of the greats within the mob movie genre. We’re raising bars and setting new standards.

Anthony Caliendo - Executive Producer

Working with a killer cast and a crew that doesn’t sleep made all the difference with the MOBKING production...

Krystal Harvey - Line Producer

"Mob King was a great project to work on! I really loved teaming up with fantastic, legendary actors to create dramatic content. I'm excited to see it on the silver screen! The whole team was amazing to work with!"

Stephen Brevig - DOP

The best independent film of the year!

Jokes - Film Director