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Crew Leaders


Creator, Writer, Executive Producer & Lead Actor
Ciro Dapagio is a content creator, writer, executive producer and actor most notably known for his character Mike White in the international award-winning web series “The Mob King” and major full-length motion picture adaptation “MobKing,” scheduled for release late 2022.

Ciro’s career in TV and movies began in early 2018. His performance as Mike White in “The Mob King” and as Giancarlo in his short film entitled “Brass Knuckles,” his comedic portrayal of lead actor Capo in his prison comedy “Suitcasing,” which is available on Amazon Prime, and “The Mob King” series lead him to receive best leading actor accolades as well as best picture awards in several IMDb qualified festivals.

Ciro Dapagio and The MobKing brand has generated millions of social media followers contributing to the success of each project that reaches the public eye. He continues to develop original content under his production companies Ciro Dapagio Films LLC and Button Man Films LLC.

Executive Producer & Supporting Actor
Anthony Caliendo is a successful South Florida entrepreneur, award-winning, international best-selling author and motivational speaker. For decades, he’s dominated sports radio airwaves as “The Main Man” in the mortgage, real estate and business broker industries. He’s also known as “The Big Cheese” in the food industry as one of the nation’s top Italian cheese and Olive Oil producers.

Now at the top of his game, Caliendo decided to venture into the entertainment business. As the story goes, Caliendo “grew up very Italian” with a Father who was a member of the Chicago Outfit and the fantasy of either being a gangster – or playing one on TV. He wisely chose a life of business entrepreneurship and struck it big on Wall Street and in the sales and marketing arena with his string of companies. However, he never lost his acting itch and desire to be in a cool mob flick or a series.

Dapagio and Caliendo met in 2022 through some successful merchandising deals, and it soon became apparent that the pair could team up in a powerful way to bring MobKing: The Movie to the big screen. Caliendo will continue to develop original content for film and TV under his production companies Main Man Productions Inc. and Button Man Films LLC.

Writer & Director
Jorge “Jokes” Yanes is a writer, director and Emmy-winning editor working in narrative, music video and documentary form. His first hit was as co-creator and creative director of “The Roof” – accredited for setting the direction of a new Latin network named MUN2’s, that was credited for breaking out Latin hip hop and Reggaeton music onto the international community. Jokes has worked with such artists as T-Pain, Pitbull, ¡Mayday! Cee-Lo Green, Bobby Valentino, Nore, Nate Dogg, Slim Thug, Mike Jones, and many, many, more.

In 2008, he transitioned into narrative work and won an Emmy for Best Editing on the Latin TV miniseries, “Gabriel: Amor Immortal.” He adds “MobKing” to his growing list of writing and directing projects, along with several documentaries and music videos, all while developing his independent projects.

Ciro Dapagio

Creator, Writer, Executive Producer & Lead Actor

Anthony Caliendo

Executive Producer & Supporting Actor

Jorge “Jokes” Yanes

Writer & Director

Crew Team

Antoni Corone

Co-Producer & Actor (Agent Bilotti)

Cristy Trabadass

Writer, Producer & 1st Assistant Director

James “J. Bishop” Ashworth

Writer & Actor (Banjo Billy)

Krystal L. Harvey

Line Producer

Diana Ramos-Santiago Carter


Stephen Brevig

Director of Photography & 2nd Unit Director

Sebastian Velasquez


Juan Bofill

Special Effects Coordinator & Armorer

Gina Paredes

Key Hair & Make Up Artist

Crew Comments

My vision for MOBKING has come to life in ways that I could never imagine. Thanks to the director, writers, producers, cast and crew for helping me execute the vision and create the MOBKING universe.

Ciro Dapagio - Creator, Writer, Executive Producer

We think that MOBKING has all of the ingredients to be one of the greats within the mob movie genre. We’re raising bars and setting new standards.

Anthony Caliendo - Executive Producer

Working with a killer cast and a crew that doesn’t sleep made all the difference with the MOBKING production...

Krystal Harvey - Line Producer

"Mob King was a great project to work on! I really loved teaming up with fantastic, legendary actors to create dramatic content. I'm excited to see it on the silver screen! The whole team was amazing to work with!"

Stephen Brevig - DOP

The best independent film of the year!

Jokes - Film Director