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Safehouse Scenes:

Safehouse Scenes:

These are Behind-the-Scenes shots from “The Safehouse Scenes” at Homestead, Florida with Ciro Dapagio (“Mike White”), Anthony Caliendo (“Enzo”), Executive Producer,  Jokes Yanes (Director), Kirby Collins (Script Supervisor), Elisabetta Fantone (“Mia White”) , Celine Alva (“Carina White”), Michael Villar (“Randy”) and shot within 2 days.

The following scenes include: The Safehouse Homestead, Florida, Introducing Randy Randy the Landlord (Michael Villar), The Whites arrive Randy Mia (L-R): Randy (Michael Villar), Mia White (Elisabetta Fantone), The Whites Rebuild_Carina Mike Mia (L-R): Carina White (Celine Alva), Mike White (Ciro Dapagio), Mia White (Elisabetta Fantone), Jokes Kirby (L-R): Jokes Yanes (Director), Kirby Collins (Script Supervisor), Elisabetta Celine (L-R): Elisabetta Fantone, Celine Alva, Michael Villar and his prosthetic parts Michael Villar (Randy), Anthony Caliendo on Set Anthony Caliendo, Executive Producer, “Enzo”, Table Read_Jokes Elisabetta Ciro (L-R): Jokes Yanes (Director), Elisabetta Fantone, Ciro Dapagio, Carina struggles Carina White (Celine Alva), Carina with the Gun Carina White (Celine Alva), Carlo’s Revenge _Carlo Mia Carlo Sasso (Bruce Soscia), Mia White (Elisabetta Fantone), Enzo takes Control (L-R): Carina White (Celine Alva), Mia White (Elisabetta Fantone), Enzo (Anthony Caliendo), Mia consoles Carina (L-R): Carina White (Celine Alva), Mia White (Elisabetta Fantone)



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Homestead, Florida