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The Meeting Scene:

The Meeting Scene:

These are Behind-the-Scene of  “The Meeting Scene” shot on location shot in Miami Florida. The following scenes include:

Bruce Artie James and the Crew (L-R): Bruce Soscia, Artie Pasquale, James RussoBruce James Ciro (L-R): Bruce Soscia, James Russo, Ciro Dapagio, Ciro on set Ciro Dapagio (Creator, Executive Producer, Lead Actor), Cristy James Bruce (L-R): James Russo, Cristy Trabadass (Producer), Bruce Soscia, Enzo enters the building (L-R): Anthony Caliendo, Stephen Brevig (DOP), MK Crew, James Russo Bruce Jokes Stephen (L-R): Jokes Yanes (Director), Stephen Brevig (DOP), James Russo, Bruce Soscia, Jokes Directs Anthony (L-R): Anthony Caliendo, Jokes Yanes (Director), The Crew Meet outside (L-R): Jokes Yanes (Director), Saudoff (BTS Videographer), Andre xxx (Boom), Stephen Brevig (DOP), Anthony Ferro, Anthony Caliendo, Tomasso Rosiello


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